On April 17, 2015, the delegation from Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (TNI) lead by President Dr. Bandhit Rojarayanont, visited OPU for renewal of Educational and Scientific Cooperation Agreement. The signing ceremony and welcome party was held in Nakamozu campus.


OPU and TNI first concluded an agreement in 2010 to develop further relationship in education and research between both institutions. The signing ceremony of the agreement renewal was held with attendance of President Dr. Rojarayanont, President Dr. Hiroshi Tsuji and faculty members of OPU, as well as four exchange students from TNI. Both presidents agreed to expand academic relationship yet further.  There was also an exchange of mementos.

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Four exchange students from TNI attended the ceremony : Tanapat Kanchana-art, Tewson Aksorn, Kampanart Poorahong and Nattaree Choochumsri.

Afterward, a welcome party was held in I-wing Nakamozu(OPU International House), which has been established in April 2015. Exchange students from TNI and several OPU students who have ever studied at TNI also attended the party to welcome President Dr. Bandhit Rojarayanont.


In 2014, OPU, together with the Sakai Chamber of Commerce and the Sakai International Business Council, formed the Committee to promote Internship Program for TNI students and offer academic program including Japanese language lesson as well as internship program in local business company in Sakai City.

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The welcome party saw many participants from Sakai City, the Sakai Chamber of Commerce and the Sakai International Business Council as well as from business companies in Sakai City. The party that the relationship between OPU and TNI not only in academic level but also in industry-university cooperation.