フォンさん 写真

Message to Overseas Students

Feng Shangmin


Graduated in 2020

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

I enrolled in the School of Nursing at Osaka Prefecture University (OPU) to pursue a nursing career in Japan. OPU has four colleges and thirteen schools. It is an attractive university offering a wide range of programs, including nursing, social welfare and education, mechanical engineering, veterinary science, economics, and management, etc. In April 2022, OPU will merge with Osaka City University (OCU) in a bid to expand its program offerings and cover a wider variety of academic disciplines and research areas. A hallmark of undergraduate education at OPU is the First-Year Seminar Program, where students get to work on a topic of their interest. Students have a chance to discuss in small groups, expand their knowledge, and broaden their horizons. First-Year Seminar Program is a wonderful opportunity to get to know students outside of your own major and get involved with the diverse campus community. This program was one of the reasons why I decided to apply for OPU. As there are few international students in the Habikino Campus, I felt a bit alone when I enrolled in OPU. However, thanks to the student advisors, course instructors, and tutor-student who were always kind and supportive, I could make Japanese friends and enjoy fulfilling college life. When you have any troubles or questions about college life or classes, you can contact your advisor or tutor for their assistance.

OPU offers an on-campus dormitory for international students. I do not live there, but I have visited “International House” located in the Nakamozu Campus. The room is clean and furnished with all the daily necessities and supplies. The door is equipped with an auto-lock for security. Japanese students also live in this dorm as Resident Supporters to assist international students in many ways. Living in a dorm will give you opportunities to meet international students from across the globe, learn about other cultures, and experience different ways of life.

As for financial aids, tuition reduction is available for international students. Also, you can find information on scholarship programs for international students on the Student Portal.

At OPU, the Career Support Office will help guide you through your job search. You can schedule an appointment with the staff on an individual basis, get help fine-tuning your resume, or improving your interview skills. Your academic advisor will also help you when you need it. Job hunting guidance sessions are also held for international students.

Furthermore, OPU offers subjects for international students, covering a range of courses including Japanese Culture, Japanese Conversation, Japanese Expressions, and Reading Comprehension. These classes not only help you improve your Japanese language skills, but also provide opportunities to interact with exchange students and get to know international students outside of your program as they are offered only for international students. I believe this is one of the major advantages of taking these classes.

Along with academics, extracurricular activities can make your college life more colorful. At OPU, there are over 100 student clubs, societies, and volunteer groups across the campus. In April, at the beginning of each academic year, student clubs host welcome events for incoming students to give them a chance to learn about their activities. Joining such clubs enables you to interact with club members and to develop friendships with students from other universities. I signed up for the sign language society and participated in OPU University Festival, singing a chorus and performing a play in sign language. This is one of the most memorable moments of my college experience.

OPU offers various support to meet the needs of international students. If you want to study at OPU, I hope that your college life will be a fruitful one.


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